Cooperative Play with PlasticFantastic


Full disclosure I consider Noel, aka @plastictasticc, a friend. Indeed, a close friend. The kind of friend you meet on the internet and have long talks with about family, goals, trauma and survival. The kind of friend you can go days without talking to and pick right back up where you left off like the conversation never ended. The kind of friend where talking is easy.

Noel and I met when I was looking to build Ontogenesis my Minecraft exhibition on childhood. I had never even played, but I knew I wanted to build an exhibition. I had big ideas and no experience, and Noel was very good at telling me exactly how little I knew. I remember asking their thoughts on what I had built so far, “Sorry, but it looks like sh*t.” I knew they were right. A lesser friend might have convinced me it was good, and then my first virtual exhibition would have been unremarkable. Instead, Noel lent their 12 years of Minecraft experience to help me put on a beautiful show that I am incredibly proud of and couldn’t have done without them.

Mesastoic on Planet Minecraft

When I asked Noel why they were helping me in those early days, they responded, “What is good for one in the community, is good for everyone.” I think maybe Noel said this from a pragmatic perspective as well as a romantic one. I have seen this pragmatism in their own art practice. They are uncompromising when it comes to their art. They make what they wish and no one and nothing can bend their thinking. This is why all of Noel’s worlds are impeccably made.

Using World Machine Noel constructs atop exquisite compositions, such as the Christopher King example shown below. Once the topography is generated from the image input, Noel sculpts and builds and manipulates colour until their ideal world emerges.

Artwork by Christopher King inspiration for Toll-Othra

While PlasticFantastic is fierce with their art, Noel is softer concerning people. That is why when a scammer talked of collaboration and adoration, Plastic optimistically clicked the bait.

Here is where the maniac stores stolen NFT’s made by Noel. In fact, I even purchased Toll-Othra and then sold it to @sinoppia on FND’s secondary market. Still, you won’t find it on Sinoppia’s FND because now those lovely worlds belong to a stolen wallet, unretrievable to our Fantastic friend.

So this is Noel’s second debut! Their second Genesis, their rebirth! They present Faith Rot in three pieces, and they tell the story of broken trust and regret.

Faith Rot Conclusion, Core & Genesis.

These NFTs are especially unique as each collector will be sent the Minecraft world file so they too can behold first-hand these otherworldly terrains. I can attest that flying around Othra after buying Toll was unforgettable! What a lovely perk just for collectors. I am continually inspired by the environments Noel constructs, and I am thrilled to have Faith Rot on display in our FIRST! exhibition.

JL: What’s your favourite food?

Noel: Easy, lasagna. If I ate lasagna for every meal, I would have no ragrets.

JL: What are you most proud of?

Noel: My sense of fashion.

JL: What are three words that describe you?

Noel: Different. Not better.



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